Shoot For The Moon

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About the film

Shoot For The Moon is the heart-breaking story of Spaceman Sal, a homeless astronaut who sets out for the moon armed with nothing more than a travel case, some bottle rockets and a trolley-load of ambition.

It was written and directed by Chris Wickett and written and produced by Gemma Hurley.

We worked with an incredible cast and crew on this film (read all about them on the right), who all worked hard to bring this ambitious film to life. Read about them on the right.

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Behind the scenes


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Production stills

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Faking a POV reverse shot

Best. Photobomb. Ever.


The camera scene

Director Chris Wickett with Sal

Ghetto spaceman

Spaceman Sal

Andy and Chris talking about their favourite episodes of 24.

Sal looking lonely

There is a person under there, y'know.

The location of the last scene

The opening shot.

DOP Andy holding a camera with just ONE ARM!