Skepticism Advert

UPDATE: Ockham Awards 2013

A quick update to mention that our skepticism advert won the Ockham Award for Best Scientific/Skeptical Video at the 2013 Ockhams, an award previously picked up by the brilliant Tim Minchin. We’re absolutely thrilled – not least because the award lights up purple!

Thanks to everyone who helped us create the film, and to The Skeptic magazine, too.

Skepticism: The New Miracle Life-Cure!

It’s done! Here’s the Skepticism Advert. It’s a silly, fun piece we made aiming to tackle the subject of scientific skepticism in an over-the-top, not-too-serious way. We hope you enjoy it.


Here are the brilliant people who made the Skepticism Advert:

Robert Sutcliffe: Director of photography

Markus Meedt: Assistant director and nervous German technician
Markus on IMDB

Nick Norton-Smith: Composer 

Luke Daly: Sound recordist and smug man at party

Rebecca Hemmings: Housemate Charlie, and logo designer!

Thanks too to our party extras: Isabelle Sieb, Ian Holland, Paul Gregory and Lottie Elliot.

It was directed and written and produced and everything elsed by Chris Wickett and Gemma Hurley.